ICMA Exam Pieces

Kerry is an appointed piano composer for the ICMA music examination board.
She writes for levels Grade 1 to Grade 8 and Post Grade 8.

The following piano pieces are downloadable for £4 each.
All of Kerry’s works are transcribed into beautifully produced scores by Pitch Perfect.

Grade One

Just A Minute! £4

Just A Minute!

Purchase Just a Minute: £4


Grade Two

The Fifth Dimension £4

The Fifth Dimension

Purchase Fifth Dimension: £4


Grade Three

Another World £4

Another World

Purchase Another World: £4


Sister’s Lament £4

Sister's Lament

Purchase Sister’s Lament: £4


Grade Four


English Rose £4

English Rose
Purchase English Rose: £4


Dolciano £4

Purchase Dolciano: £4


Grade Five


Farewell Maurice £4


Purchase Farewell Maurice: £4


Song for Charlie £4


Purchase Song for Charlie: £4


Grade Six


Gardenia £4

Gardenia Music Sheets

Purchase Gardenia: £4


Sea Shanty £4


Purchase Sea Shanty: £4


Grade Seven


Signature £4

Signature Music Sheets

Purchase Signature: £4


Valse Romantica £4

Valse Romantica

Purchase Valse Romantica: £4


Grade Eight

Circles £4


Purchase Circles: £4


Pastures New £4

Purchase Pastures New: £4



Minima Semplice £4

Minima Semplice

Purchase Minima Semplice: £4


Perpetual Motion £4

Perpetual Motion

Purchase Perpetual Motion: £4


Dramatique £4


Purchase Dramatique: £4


Novatonality £4


Purchase Novationality: £4


Post Grade Eight


After All £4


Purchase Afterall: £4


To Russia With Love £4


To Russia With Love

Purchase To Russia With Love: £4